About Two Who Trek

It’s about time

It’s about space

It’s about two men in the strangest place . . .

No, wait, it’s not about TV shows from the 60′s.  Plus Sherri would take umbrage at being called a guy.

Instead, this blog is about the adventures of Sherri and Joe, two intrepid wanderers.  Together they have visited over 30 countries on five continents.  They have traveled by planes, trains and automobiles.  Cruise ships, buses, Land Rovers, helicopters, river boats, tuk-tuks, Model T Fords and even camels have been transportation in the past.  This blog shares some of their stories, both from past travels and upcoming ones.

The journeys keep continuing . . .

Who are Two Who Trek?

She'd walk a mile for a camel.

She’d walk a mile for a camel.

Sherri is the female part of the duo.  She’s witty, outgoing, and talkative.  Loving the opportunities for new adventures, she’s part Rocket J. Squirrel (the plucky, heroic part) and part Sheldon Cooper, but with excellent social skills.   Sherri has an almost unnatural fondness for camelids, cats of all types, and a certain Oldsmobile Aurora.  She is proud that she has found a cat in every country she’s visited.

Joe looking natural

Joe looking natural

Joe is the other part of the equation.  More of a reserved, geeky guy, he’s part Bullwinkle J. Moose and the Professor from Gilligan’s Island.  He has a rare affliction where cameras stick to his face.  Joe collects kayaks, much to his neighbor’s chagrin.

Some pages will be written by Sherri; others by Joe.  See if you can guess who writes what.

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