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Ever had the desire to live in a foreign county?  Maybe not forever, but at least during the cold winter months?  Twowhotrek have had that idea for some time.  Now we get a chance to live that dream.

In March 2007, Twowhotrek visited South Africa.  We really enjoyed the city of Capetown, the beauty of the surrounding area, and the vineyards not too far to the east.  After a cold Michigan winter, the warmth of South Africa’s late summer felt great.  One day the thought came as we were bouncing on a tourist bus – why not spend a month in Capetown some US winter?  After all, of the eleven national languages in South Africa, English is the one most commonly used.  They even drive halfway normally, just on the other side of the road.  Sadly, mundane things like having to work for a living have prevented that dream from coming true so far (but we haven’t given up yet!).

Fast forward to 2012.  Continue reading

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