Flying South for the Winter — to South America, that is.

For the past three years, Two Who Trek (TWT) have visited countries in Europe and Asia.  We are now back in South America and enjoying our first visit to Cartagena and Colombia!  An opportunity for a three week adventure to learn about another culture and to take more Spanish lessons was irresistible.  An added bonus is the sunny 86°F weather here while it is 28°F, cloudy and snowy at home!

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Cuenca Apartments

As part of the Ecuador experience, the program hosts provide apartments for all the participants.  We will live in these apartments for the month we are here.  If we wish, we can use the cooking facilities to make meals or we may choose to eat at the many restaurants in Cuenca (and restaurant prices are so low here that dining out is a very attractive option).

Most of the program apartments are in the heart of the historic part of Cuenca, in centuries-old buildings that have been refurbished to meet American expectations.  Many of these apartments are quite small, and are described as studio apartments – one room with a separate, private bath room. Continue reading

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Riding the Ecuadorian Railroad

Two Who Trek likes all forms of transportation, with railroads being a favorite.  So when we had an opportunity to ride an Ecuadorian train, we jumped at the chance.

Ecuador has a national railroad system called “Ferrocarriles de Ecuador”. There are ten train routes in Ecuador, primarily from Quito, and running up and down the western coastal area.  The longest route is 98 kilometers long (about 60 miles).  Two Who Trek had the opportunity to ride the shortest one roundtrip (3.5 kilometers or about 2.2 miles each way) from El Tambo to the pre-Incan ruins at Coyoctor.  We will be posting more on the ruins later, but because Joe likes trains, this post is focusing on the rail travel part.

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