Flying South for the Winter — to South America, that is.

For the past three years, Two Who Trek (TWT) have visited countries in Europe and Asia.  We are now back in South America and enjoying our first visit to Cartagena and Colombia!  An opportunity for a three week adventure to learn about another culture and to take more Spanish lessons was irresistible.  An added bonus is the sunny 86°F weather here while it is 28°F, cloudy and snowy at home!

Our first week in Cartagena has been amazing.  The people we meet in the elevator and stores greet us with a warm ¡Hola! followed by the time-of-day sensitive Buenos or Buenas.  Most people we have met do not speak English so we have lots of chances to practice Spanish.

Music is everywhere and played at a volume that all can share.

Carlos, the owner of Casa de Doroteo sings Cuban music with his band.

Carlos, the owner of Casa de Doroteo sings Cuban music with his band.

Colorful business signs and mode of dress naturally fit this city by the sea.

DSC_4503 web

Aromas from sizzling snacks and fresh fruit from street vendors bring wide smiles to our faces.  Restaurants advertise daily lunch specials for almuerzo.  With the high heat and humidity, a variety of beverages are also available including refreshing local cerveza, coconut limeade and the ever-popular aqua.

Spanish class

When morning classes are done, it is time to enjoy more sounds, sights and tastes of Cartagena!

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2 thoughts on “Flying South for the Winter — to South America, that is.

  1. Coconut limeade sounds divine!

  2. I won’t get to Caragena this summer, but I may get to Medellin and coffee country. Still, your pics make Cartagena irresistible as a future destination.

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