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Mainly Manners

Ten years ago, we lived in Ecuador for a month.  Leading by example, the good people of Cuenca taught me to take a moment to simply greet everyone.  When eyes meet, say “Hola”.  The custom reinforced my US Southern Mother’s tutelage on good manners, or as her French father used to say “Les bonnes manières sont importantes”.  

As we approach the next round of seasonal holidays, when the news of the day and politics of the moment can make or deepen the loved ones divide, start the time together on solid footing.  A genuine “Good Morning” or “So Good to See You” is a positive way to start the day!

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An awesome place to spend New Year’s Eve

Cuenca, Ecuador is a fantastic place to spend New Year’s Eve!  No, wait – that’s not quite correct.  Cuencanos celebrate “Años Viejos”, the Old Year.  The festivities are more focused on saying farewell to the old year than in welcoming the new one.  However, all the celebrations are much more elaborate than any in the United States.

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