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A Stitch in Time

Two Who Trek let the wool get pulled over their eyes

One day at school Two Who Trek and their teachers were talking with other teachers and students when an idea started to take place.  Why not play hockey for a day?  Because there are no ice rinks in Cuenca, we all decided to play hookey instead, head to a neighboring town, and take a tour of place where artisans make woolen products by hand.  We picked a date and decided to rely on public transportation to get there rather than take taxis.

Riding on the public bus system is an event all its own.  Travel light and have lots of change.  For less than $1, you can be transported from the center of old town Cuenca to the outlying towns.  See vendors boarding the bus, selling everything from chocolate bars at 3 for $1, to an organic panacea of uncertain origin for curing most physical maladies.  The vendors give you a sample of their wares as they walk through the bus aisle and give their speech.  If you choose not to buy, politely and firmly return the merchandise when they are at the end of the presentation. Continue reading

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The Markets in Gualaceo and Chordeleg

Check cuy off the gastronomic list!  Cuy, pronounced like coo-ee, is an Andean delicacy that we missed trying in Peru on our 2006 trip.  Cuy can be charcoal roasted (as we had) or baked.  What is cuy?  Most people know it as guinea pig.  Forget that Sherri once had a pet guinea pig named Ginger.  The Andean guinea pigs are born to become part of special celebrations, like holiday dinners.  Cuy is delicious!  Joe thinks it tastes like really sweet chicken and Sherri thinks it tastes a lot like dove. Continue reading

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