Something Fishy This Way Comes . . .

What do you get when you add salmon to a salted water pot of boiling potatoes and onions? If it’s South Haven, Michigan at National Blueberry Festival time, an amazing Fish Boil, Lake Michigan style! With over 40 years of fish boil experience, the South Haven Steelheaders (SHS) chapter of the Michigan Steelheaders and Salmon Fisherman’s Association, created a tasty treat for multitudes of hungry guests, including Two Who Trek, on August 8, 2015.

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On the Road Again!

The latest adventure has started for Two Who Trek!  Yesterday was filled with packing and bill paying; doing all those things that need to get done before leaving for a month.

The 3:30 AM alarm made for a short night following a midnight bedtime.  In the blowing snow, we made a pre-dawn drive to the Detroit Metro Airport (DTW).  Sherri had rousted one of her relatives to drop us off at the airport.  Lucky guy, he managed to sleep most of the way to Detroit.  This left Sherri to very competently handle the big rear-wheel-drive wildebeest through beginning rush hour traffic and slippery roads. Continue reading

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Up on the Housetops, Click, Click, Click . . .

Here is a special gift from Two Who Trek — a collection of rooftop photos!  These are all photos we have taken on our journeys.

No, we don’t specialize in house top photos, nor do we have any connection with the shingle-making industry.  Actually, Joe has a thing against ladders.  Continue reading

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A side journey to Olivet and Marshall

Two Who Trek does a lot of international travel, but we also journey in the states, too.  Together we’ve been in about 30 states; separately, one of us has been in 46 states.  But today’s story is about a short voyage last Sunday.

We trekked on I-69 to the small town of Olivet, Michigan, to hear the Olivet Community Schools “Holiday Musical Celebration”.  The concert is different than most school performances that we’ve heard before.  For starters, all the different grade bands, except for the fifth grade, are arranged on the floor of the huge high school gymnasium.  Continue reading

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