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Heading to the Galápagos Islands

When last we left Two Who Trek, the dynamic duo had returned to Michigan after their Ecuadorian adventure. In their last post they promised to include information about the Galápagos Islands. However, it’s been months since we’ve heard from them. What has happened?

In a word – – life.  Births, deaths, separations, reconciliations, illness, recovery, home remodeling, graduations, open houses, more deaths, transitions, summertime adventures, fall chores, volunteer opportunities, holiday preparations and even work all became priorities over blogging. We suspect there was even a bit of “blogger’s block” involved.

All of those items combined to throw this blogging project off-track.  But throughout the past months, Two Who Trek continued to have adventures. Now that things have calmed down during the post-Christmas winter months, we intend to get caught up.  So let’s get started with reviewing the Galápagos adventure.

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Quito Quickly

After a five hour layover in Atlanta, Two Who Trek boarded the Boeing jet to Quito, Ecuador at 5:45 PM. You probably expect horror stories about the flight.  Not in this case.  Joe had shelled out extra money to  purchase seats in the emergency exit row, giving ample legroom.  There was an added bonus.  We were seated next to a Quito native, now a citizen of the United States.  He enlightened us with tales of the delights of his country and the trip time just flew by. (Yes, a bad pun). Continue reading

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